• The Cauda Equina Syndrome

    What Is The Cauda Equina Syndrome And Do You Have It?

    The Cauda Equina Syndrome Is Something To Look Out For

    If you have noticed that you have been having back pain that won't go away, then you might wonder if something bad is going on with your back. But you might never have heard of something like Cauda Equina Syndrome, and you need to look it up to see if it could be what is affecting you. It causes damage to your nerves and it could be the reason behind all of the backaches you have been having lately.


    You Might Have Several Of The Symptoms

    Cauda Equina Syndrome doesn't always come on suddenly and you might realize that you have several of the symptoms when you look it up or start talking to your doctor about it. It causes back pain but can also cause bladder leakage and you might have both of those things without realizing the cause. It can also cause numbness, and if you are dealing with those kinds of things, then you need to see your doctor and talk to him about Cauda Equina Syndrome.


    Cauda Equina Syndrome Is Something That Can Happen To Anyone

    A herniated disc is typically the cause of Cauda Equina Syndrome and it can happen to anyone. If you think that something like this has happened to you, then you need to get help. You need to know that things like this syndrome exist and that you don't just have to deal with the pain. Many things could be wrong when you have a backache and you can't rule out any of them until you see a doctor but you need to think about things like this and consider whether or not it could be the cause so you can bring it up to your doctor when you see him. Click this cauda equina syndrome compensation for more source.

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